Why Serbia?

Some of the world's largest IT corporations have regional
headquarters in this country. Find out why.


Why Serbia?

Serbia has emerged as one of the most promising countries for technological development and IT outsourcing. Aside from its geographic location at the center of the modern world in Europe, it also provides flexibility for various types of business transactions. It draws workers and businesses from all over the world looking for the best opportunities to grow and innovate.

  • 1B+
    Revenue from IT
  • 1500+
    IT graduates every year
  • 25.5%
    Average Yearly
    Growth Rate

Why choose Serbia

Find your best talent in the IT centre of Europe

Highly qualified experts

Serbia has some of the most qualified experts in the region as a result of its significant investment in IT education. Both the University of Belgrade and the University of Novi Sad are ranked high in the Shanghai Ranking.

Great work ethics

Many Serbians have sought education at prestigious European universities, allowing them to collaborate with people from all over the world.boost their performance and careers forward.

Familiar culture

IT professionals are also exposed to European-style culture. We recognize that work ethics and cultural differences can sometimes impede smooth interactions. However, none of those conflicts exist here.

Great IT education

University professors play an important role in the IT industry. Their knowledge gained through consulting services for businesses ensures the quality of these businesses.

Booming IT industry

The government of the Republic of Serbia prioritizes the IT industry. As a result, IT investments are high and have a positive impact. According to the figures, Serbia earned a billion euros from the IT industry in 2018.

Optimal time zones

Serbia’s time zone is just one hour off London’s. This availability makes for more comfortable communication between companies.