Find out how the
hiring process looks

We strive to keep our hiring processes as simple and efficient as
possible. Learn how we do it so that you can be fully prepared.

Our hiring process

Learn how to prepare for an interview with us

01 Be confident

We keep our interview process simple and effective, so you don't have to worry. Simply being yourself will allow you to shine.

02 Be reliable

We place a high value on efficiency and punctuality. It will demonstrate your responsibility if you arrive on time for the interview and complete the tasks on time.

03 Have fun

Remember, we were once in your shoes. We strive to put you at ease while remembering that interviews are just a conversation between people, nothing too scary.

Send us your CV

Found a position you’d love to apply for? Send us a CV! If you check all the boxes — we’ll contact you and set up an interview. 

Have a chat with our recruiter

This is a brief, informative chat in which we get to know you better and learn about things that aren’t on your CV. You’ll also learn more about the company and the benefits it provides.

Interview with the
team lead

Here, we’re mostly interested in learning about your technical skills, and we’d like to learn more about your accomplishments, challenges and how you overcame them. You learn more about the projects you’ll be working on and what your job will entail.

Do a quick task

We’ll give you a short task that will help us assess you’re technical knowledge and decide what project is just right for you — the one that motivates you to learn more, and pushes you to develop your skills! 

You’re hired!

If all the previous steps go well, we’ll do a final interview where we’ll go over the offer and start dates. Once we agree on terms, conditions, and start dates — congrats! You’re a DevSpark employee now!

We helped them get here

Companies who hired our candidates

We always have exciting career opportunities open. We’ve done it time and time again — we’ll do the same for you.